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The Teak House



An Escape, Pure and Pleasant

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Own a Nest in the Hills

   BENEATH THE shiny shoes and impeccable suits, lies a caveman in each one of us. The sight of mountain, water and fire brings our primordial instincts to the fore. This connect with nature recharges our spirit to cope with the city. In this world of multiple stress, living for the moment is a luxury. A Hill abode helps you to slow down and simply lets you be.


Mountain Brook Homes are a shelter in the hills, a shelter enough amidst nature just to protect you from the extremities of weather and yet bringing in the elements of nature from all sides.

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business standard article on mountain br

< < <  Featured in Business Standard

ARTICLE:  Because it's Worth It - 

Buying a house in the hills...and some properties worth investing in...

If you want a homely and comfortable environment, opt for a cottage in Chamfi...

The breeze is perfect here and vistas very fine.

Developer- Architect Sameer Jain has designed these cottages using local materials and local labour. The construction is such that you need minimal electricity

Life in the hills is uncomplicated and uncluttered, good for the soul...

You can get away from it all. The air is clean, the food is fresh.


Mountain Brook Homes, 

a New Upcoming 4-BHK Villa with Garden, near village Son Gaon, Bhimtal. Located along a beautiful Oak forest.


Mountain Brook Homes is a group of Cottages and Apartments, on the bank of a beautiful stream in village Chamfi near Bhimtal.

  • The Tea House 

  • The Light House

  • The Bird House

Completed Cottages in Rustic Hill Vocabulary

All  About  Bhimtal and Us

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

This short- video walks through all our new and past, interesting houses in Bhimtal. Also, check out all that is beautiful about and around Bhimtal !

#bhimtal #hillstation #cottageliving #rusticdecor #teakhouse #teakwoodfurniture

We Are


A Delhi/ NCR- based Architectural Design and Build firm, specializing in the Development of Residential projects.

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Principal & Architect

B.Arch. 1986:

School of Planning and Architecture (SPA),

New Delhi


Partner & Architect

Masters in Housing and Urbanism:

Architectural Association (AA), London

B.Arch. 2013:

School of Planning and Architecture (SPA),

New Delhi


Currently, we are Developing a number of Residential projects in Bhimtal, Nainital hills of Uttarakhand. We strongly believe in designing climate- responsive buildings that are sensitive to the local context and culture of a place.

We are a father- son duo of Professional Architects, heading the firm.

#bhimtal #hillstation #cottageliving #rusticdecor #teakhouse #teakwoodfurniture

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