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A Scenic Lake in the Lap of Hills

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Getting There


By Car:

Delhi- Bhimtal is an enjoyable 6 to 8 hours drive via Gajraula/Moradabad/ Kathgodam.

By Train:

Delhi- Kathgodam Station is a convenient 6 to 7 hours journey, with an overnight Train available as well. This route has three Daily Train options.

Kathgodam- Bhimtal is a scenic 21-km (40 minutes) uphill drive.

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Best Time to Visit


Bhimtal is an all weather place. Winter days are specially sunny when plains below are dreary and foggy. Do all your sun bathing. Evenings are cold but a wood stove keeps the house warm, a luxury extinct in our city homes.
Summers are not as cold as Nainital but pleasant. Sit under shade and days too are comfortable. Evenings on our terrace are specially nice with a cool breeze and vantage view of Bhimtal Lake. Quite akin to end of Feb and beginning of March in Delhi.
Humidity is always low and clothes dry well even in rainy season. So if you wish to escape the humid weather of Delhi in july, Bhimtal is the place.It rains almost atleast once a month irrespective of the time of the year.
So any weekend is the time to visit. A long weekend is a season here.

#bhimtal #hillstation #cottageliving #rusticdecor #teakhouse #teakwoodfurniture

All the groceries can be home delivered. Bhimtal has well stocked grocery stores and a fine bakery. 

Near the Lake, is a perennial spring, the source of natural mineral water. The water is excellent to drink, tried and very popular in the town.

There are a number of good restaurants in area, so you have options. 


Farm fresh vegetables/ fresh Cow's milk are available at the local farmers' market.


So eat natural, slow food, drink spring water, gaze at the star spangled night sky  and recharge  body and soul.


#bhimtal #hillstation #cottageliving #rusticdecor #teakhouse #teakwoodfurniture

Bhimtal and Around

Bhimtal lies in the heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It has a good road connectivity with other important towns, villages and tourist spots in the vicinity.

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Mountain Brook Homes, 

a New Upcoming 4-BHK Villa with Garden, near village Son Gaon, Bhimtal. Located along a beautiful Oak forest.


Mountain Brook Homes is a group of Cottages and Apartments, on the bank of a beautiful stream in village Chamfi near Bhimtal.

  • The Tea House 

  • The Light House

  • The Bird House

Completed Cottages in Rustic Hill Vocabulary

Be an Explorer

Uttarakhand is a nature-lover's paradise. There is lots to explore deep in the hills. Satisy your Wander-lust with all these interesting destinations around Bhimtal !

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